Logo for Daisy Duck Designs complete - 23/08/2016

The Logo for Daisy Duck Designs has been complete. designs by mark take this opportunity to wish Daisy Duck Design every success in the future.

Jaimie Doak Joinery website complete - 01/08/2016

dbm has just finished the coding and artwork for the Jamie Doak Joinery website. It is just awaiting the clients content before going live.

Twitter profile artwork for Orbital Satcom Corp completed - 15/01/2015

New twitter profile artwork for Orbital Satcom Corp has been completed and is now live on Orbital's Twitter feed @orbitalsatcom.

Website for Dave Sword Cars completed - 05/03/2014

The website project for Dave Sword Cars is now complete. The Web site went live this week, with a short period of testing and validation over the coming month to iron out any user interface and programing issues that are highlighted. Dave Sword Cars

Web site and Web Application project nears completion - 27/01/2014

The current web site and web application design and build is nearing completion. The project required a very small web site (5 pages) with simple content to access data contained in a MySQL database that would be in constant update and change in accordance with the clients daily/weekly needs. Case study to follow soon.

website by designs by mark